Last Night’s Masterpiece

rain soaked cactus

“You can never ignore a cactus in bloom.” ~ Albert Einstein

Albert was right.  I noticed the ceroid cactus blooms this morning while collecting my rain soaked watercolor paper from the garden. The passing shot taken with my mobile device is no Frans Lanting, but the result of the spontaneous act is, I think, worthy of a post.

© 2016, Theresa Mae Funk.  All rights reserved.

Smell the Jelly


We’ve been enjoying the Seedless Thompsons (also called Sultanas) since the middle part of June but the past few weeks of triple digit heat began to take its toll on the raisin cultivars. I decided to dedicate most of my weekend to the delectable chore of harvesting what remained on the twenty-something-year-old vine that grows in our yard.

Self Portrait

A reflective moment under the arbor was an opportune time for a self-portrait.

If our freezer would afford us the space to save twenty-four pounds of grapes, I may not have attempted the arduous process of making jelly.  It is trickier than I imagined and despite my good intentions and recipe, did not quite get the formula right.  Instead of jelly, we have a concoction that looks like syrup and tastes like honey.  Pancakes anyone?


© 2015, Theresa Mae Funk. All rights reserved.

The Garden’s Guard

My adoption of Stella two years ago through the Circle of Hope K-9 Rescue non-profit organization in Milan, Tennessee was a decision made after careful contemplation of the responsibility and financial obligation that pet ownership entails.   My want of a home and garden guard dog was a decision that I had contemplated for two years prior to the beginning of my search for her.  After a year of futile searching, I was convinced that abandoning my quest for a rescue puppy to adopt was most sensible, and I could get back to the dog-free lifestyle that I was accustomed to living.   I decided that I would look one last time on the Pet Website before putting the notion of adoption out of my head for good.  And that is when I found her:

baby stella

Being that California allows us to garden all year long, Stella is on daily guard duty.  She loves the climate and the work, and is thankful for the loving home we give her.  It’s true; I am in puppy love.   

Stella guard


The Swedish Bohemian’s Funk House Art Garden

The Funk House Art Garden is a recreational Bohemian social club that I founded in 2009 while living in Middlebury, Vermont at the address formerly known as 190 South Pleasant Street.   My former residence, the Joshua Henshaw House, was built in the early 1800’s and is listed on the state’s historical registry.   It was an interesting building to live in, albeit cold and drafty in the winter.  

.Joshua Henshaw House  

I lived in two different apartments in this building, and with the exception of a few rowdy neighbors from time to time, genuinely enjoyed creating art and a garden there.  Now, I am creating my art and garden in California  in a different rented space that I share with my lover, companion, dearest friend, and the Garden’s guard dog, Stella.


The three of us are happy and keeping ourselves nourished with an abundant supply of love, encouragement, kindness, and kale.