The Garden’s Guard

My adoption of Stella two years ago through the Circle of Hope K-9 Rescue non-profit organization in Milan, Tennessee was a decision made after careful contemplation of the responsibility and financial obligation that pet ownership entails.   My want of a home and garden guard dog was a decision that I had contemplated for two years prior to the beginning of my search for her.  After a year of futile searching, I was convinced that abandoning my quest for a rescue puppy to adopt was most sensible, and I could get back to the dog-free lifestyle that I was accustomed to living.   I decided that I would look one last time on the Pet Website before putting the notion of adoption out of my head for good.  And that is when I found her:

baby stella

Being that California allows us to garden all year long, Stella is on daily guard duty.  She loves the climate and the work, and is thankful for the loving home we give her.  It’s true; I am in puppy love.   

Stella guard


Did you enjoy your visit to the Garden today?

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