Flower Portrait No. 33

Delicate clusters of aromatic blooms on the back yard garden’s Meyer Lemon tree.

Life may give you lemons, but what you do with the zest from the lesson is what dictates the outcome.  

Staying positive in times of uncertainty and turmoil can be tiring, but my determination to keep my optimism and sense of humor intact when faced with difficult situations has, thus far, endured. I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given to overcome challenges, fortify my courage, and comprehend the lessons that are meant for me to learn.

Be well, stay healthy.


©2020, Theresa Mae Funk. All rights reserved.




Bee Feeders

Bee Food

                     © 2015,TheresaMaeFunk. All rights reserved.

Bee keepers have varied opinions about which type of bee feeders work best to nourish their hives.  Rusty Burlew’s Honey Bee Suite provides comprehensive information on the subject, along with beautiful photos of bees and other pollinators.  I don’t keep hives, but I do like to feed bees, and find the Black Eyed Susan model is affordable, beautiful to look at, and easy to maintain.

Growing The Funk House Art Garden, One Seed at a Time

Growing The Funk House Art Garden, one seed at a time.

Welcome to The Funk House Art Garden!

Membership to our authentic Bohemian Social Club is by invitation only, but is open to peaceful people and artists who appreciate, support, or otherwise contribute to the creative process of making art.

The Funk House Art Garden is a house with a garden and art.
Creating the Garden was an act of art and of love,
and we toil daily so that both art and love may thrive.

Henri Matisse said that creativity takes courage, and he was absolutely right.
I am courageous in this blessed place,
our haven of inspiration.
I will create with determination to inspire others
to create without fear.

What fear will you conquer today?