Lettuce Begin Growing The Next Round Of Salad

Lettuce Begin Growing The Next Round Of Salad

Butterhead, Romaine, and Red Leaf varieties are off to a good start while we continue to prep the garden beds for our fall and winter vegetable crops. We are blessed to live in a climate zone with a growing season that lasts from March to November, and have soil that needs little to no remediation except for the weeding.


Funk Art

/>Funk Art

Funk art was inspired by popular culture in the 60’s and 70’s, and uses unlikely mixtures of materials and techniques. Funk artists are not as concerned with impeccable technique, durability or form and so our works are often characterized as having a “sloppy finish”.

My Art Disc Go series have sloppy beginnings and less than sloppy finishes but in the authentic process of making my art, I am at peace and present in those moments of joyful creation.

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Last Night’s Garden Harvest

There are numerous gardening guides and tips about harvesting fruits and vegetables that you may reference if you have questions about when and how to reap what you’ve sown.  Planting, growing, and harvesting your garden is dependent on where you live but there is, most likely, an agricultural extension office and Website that can provide you with loads of appropriate information for the region in which you live.  

My current favorite resource comes courtesy of the UC Davis Master Gardening Program: http://cagardenweb.ucdavis.edu/

My instincts and eyesight are usually reliable enough to ensure that I’m harvesting only those vegetables and fruits that have fully matured, and I typically prefer to pick them in the early morning hours between six and nine a.m. 

I had to wait until late in the day to harvest last night’s garden treasures but their taste and vibrancy were not adversely affected.Image