Sacramento County: A Passing Shot

Passing Shot

This photo was taken with my mobile device while travelling through Sacramento County California at sixty miles per hour from the passenger seat of a car.  I like to take Passing shots between site locations for my Conservation Art series to help inform color, composition, and brush selection. Rain is in the forecast for the next two days, so I am prepared for strokes of burnt umbra between each downpour.

© 2014 Theresa Funk, all rights reserved.

Between: Poetry for Guitar and Cello

©2013 Theresa Funk, All Rights Reserved

In the silent recognition manifesting in a smile,
the moment catches you thinking that you can see it through
but you find the comfort resisted,
and you feel the distance that lies between.

In between suspension and intermission
is a slow motion,
like falling forward while moving back.
You’re getting nowhere, but you move so fast.

And the combination has no key for the lock
while you read the time from a faceless clock.
And in the middle of what you want and what you need,
there lies the distance in between.



Conservation Art and the Art of Conservation


In response to California’s severe drought, we’ve been doing our part to conserve and reduce our daily amount of water use.  Despite recent days of rain and snow in the higher elevations, we are reminded to be mindful of our water consumption habits.  Conservation of resources has always been a standard operating procedure for me, so I’ve not had to drastically modify my habits. 

During our most recent rainstorm, I set out pots and containers and collected water for use in my conservation art series.  We will need many more days of rain if I am going to accomplish my goal of completing the 100 piece series by May.