A Song for the New Year

Being laid off for the last six weeks in 2013 threw me into a slight depression, and I exerted a lot of energy countering the negative internal dialogue with an optimistic outlook for 2014.   Joan Baez advised that the antidote to despair is action, so I am taking action every day to find a means of income beyond the $300 a week that unemployment insurance currently affords me.   Without the love and support of my partner, I would very likely be in a much darker emotional place which would, with time, surely defeat me.

This morning, I reflected on The Flame, a song that I wrote in 2011. Reading the lyrics helped me to move away from the negative and doubtful thoughts that I almost allowed to infiltrate my positive attitude today, and inspires me to sing a song of sustainable hope for the world in the new year.  May your new year be filled with more light, love, and well being.

The Flame
©2011 Theresa Funk.  All rights reserved.

Where you are going will be where you’ve been.
Its all the same place in the end.
Words spoken are ideas uttered,
sometimes in vain and then forgotten.

But sometimes,
they make a connection
and need no clarification.

If one
puts you over,
let one good turn lead you to another.

One chance is all life requires
and one dream
can be inspired by the
one spark that catches another,
and that spark will feed
the fire’s flame.



One thought on “A Song for the New Year

  1. T. Funk says:

    Thank you, Ilene! I look forward to the visit.

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