Beautiful Buttes

Sutter Buttes

We stopped to take in a view of  the Sutter Buttes today, but they were barely visible through the agricultural dust from the Great Valley of central California.  Also known as the  “smallest mountain range in the world,” the Buttes rise about 2,000 feet above the fields of walnut, rice, almond, and other crops that abundantly grow in the central California region.

Access to the Buttes is extremely limited, but easements have been granted as part of land trust agreements that make guided, educational hikes possible.  The Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust  continues its mission to protect and preserve the Buttes and surrounding lands for years to come.  I intend to participate in an interpretive hike and take in the full beauty of the Buttes more intimately.

Until then, I enjoy the views of the small circular complex of eroded volcanic lava domes from a distance.

Did you enjoy your visit to the Garden today?

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