Beet Good or Beet Gone

Beet Good or Beet Gone

 We have begun to harvest the first round of beets that we started from seed and are impressed with both their size and color.   We eat them raw and grated in our green salads, roasted with carrots, and are contemplating pickling some should we have a need to preserve a bit of this year’s harvest.

Borscht is not out of the question, but having never attempted to make the dish before, I am a bit apprehensive about committing the root to a soup pot.

In the meanwhile, we continue to savor the flavor of this beloved and underestimated root vegetable and welcome suggestions for a beet recipe nouveau.

The root of the problem is the problem with the root.
It has a reputation of tasting something like a boot.
Having never tasted leather nor the shoes you wear on feet,
I say the gorgeous vegetable tastes exactly like a beet!

~T. Funk

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