Meet The Artist

The healing power of art was evident to me long before the concept was popularized.  My self-directed art education and practice started at the age of six when the need to find safe refuge from the domestic violence that frequently occurred in our home. I would retreat with paper, pencil, and crayons to find safe haven to make art.

Agrarian landscapes and culture have always been a central point of subject for the visual art that I create.  I attempt to convey what I see into a visually joyful and compelling image in its own right.   The landscape is simplified, and haphazard paint events lend an improvisational element to the work.  For me, my work becomes a joyous journey of discovery as the image develops in a spontaneous kind of way.

My body of work continues to evolve, as does the Funk House Art Garden.  Both thrive best when nurtured daily.

© 2014 – 2017 Theresa Mae Funk, all rights reserved. No portion of this website, or images, may be reproduced without express written permission of the artist.


Did you enjoy your visit to the Garden today?

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